Soluorient works with business owners and individuals to provide a clear financial picture of their activity and insure they are aware of any tax effects to their financial decisions. We use a Solutions Oriented approach with our clients to help them define the results they intend to produce. We design reporting which aids them with tracking and achieving these results as well as provides them an understanding of how their actions affect their taxes. We provide solutions so they maintain their compliance with licensing, payroll, sales and income tax agencies as necessary.

What sets us apart is our genuine care for our client’s results and our desire to get into the numbers and ferret out anything keeping our clients from achieving their goals. We also have an exceptional depth within our firm which has provided us the ability to work with many unique clients over the years and solve many difficult tax and accounting problems.

Each of our business clients will have access to a dashboard which will give them a real-time snapshot of their activity and history in relation to the benchmarks they have set as well as real time cash flow analysis for their decision making. Our clients will have weekly appointments with a CFO who they can bounce ideas off of and insure their finances have the bandwidth to absorb any changes they intend or any decisions they are contemplating that will have a financial affect on their business.

Clients will also be able to schedule appointments for unique, or urgent decisions which might have a tax effect they’re concerned about. Our firm will be providing these meetings mainly through the online platform Zoom and the Dashboards will be provided through a cash flow management platform which integrates with our site seamlessly.

The founder and developer of the Soluorient team and processes, Cynthia S Diaz, CPA, has had her CPA since May of 1995. She has worked in the field of accounting and business management for thirty years. Her depth of experience encompasses, Technology Implementation, Managerial Accounting and Public Accounting with strengths in manufacturing, retail, general contracting, real estate development, and personal service businesses. She has also managed firms in the field of Public Accounting specializing in process implementation, technology implementation, Tax and Financial analysis. This experience has helped her develop Soluorient and the processes our team uses to work with clients to find hidden costs, insure the internal processes and controls are managed effectively and efficiently enough to protect the businesses from fraud and cost overruns and provide business owners with the best strategies to insure they are building a strong legacy.

Soluorient’s compassionate and creative treatment of each business helps our clients thrive. We pride ourselves on the development and implementation of creative strategies for companies which save them considerable time and money and ultimately grow their personal wealth.

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