As can be seen in the testimonials below, our genuine care for our client’s results and our desire to get into the numbers and ferret out anything keeping our clients from achieving their goals is what sets us apart. We also have an entrepreneurial mindset which helps us to communicate well and provide timely results for the decision making required by our clients.  We have worked with many unique clients over the years and solved many difficult tax and accounting problems.



I am pleased and excited to recommend Cynthia Diaz to anyone seeking a CPA and financial services. I have always found her to up on the latest laws and accounting practices. She is familiar with different reporting methods and strategies that puts her at the cutting edge of her field. Cynthia Diaz has worked for my family business prior to her working for JDS Plumbing & Mechanical, and we’ve been working together for over 15 years now. We’ve been thru economic good times and really bad times. She’s helped me grow my business from nothing to a multimillion dollar corporation. All thru the way I’ve really counted on, and appreciated Cynthia’s professionalism.


Cynthia’s company Soluorient and her experience have been invaluable to my business. As a younger entrepreneur, I have learned to reach out to people to support me along this growth model I have developed. Cynthia has significant experience being she looks at perspectives much different than your “normal” CPA. Having years of experience in executive management as a General Manager of respectable business, to a CPA the gamut of knowledge she brings isn’t to just prepare taxes, or look at the books to see if they are done right like most CPA’s but to advise on business operations, efficiency support, and just looks at things through a different lens that as a business owner we probably are not doing, as naturally as time passes our “field of vision” narrows no matter if we try to keep it open or not. Point is, as a business owner, I can’t make it successful by myself, surrounding myself with a solid support system is challenging but necessary, Cynthia being a critical component to that, so take a look at her solutions and I bet this testimonial will bring to light what I am explaining.


Cynthia has been our accountant for a number of years. She is very knowledgeable about the tax codes and helps us to make the right decisions in pursuing the best advantages with our taxes. Cynthia is efficient and will make whatever time is needed to meet with each of her clients. She is someone you can trust. I would highly recommend her.


It’s very rare to find someone with an accounting mindset that can look at the bigger picture. That understands what it really takes to run the business from the position of the business owner. Her creativity brings the right solutions to the table to help fix a business. Entrepreneurs in early stage companies (0-10 years) have very difficult cash flow management issues while continuing to grow the business. Cynthia understands this and helps us focus on the problem areas and continue to streamline the business.

It’s not always, here’s the structure, here’s the rules and we have to do it this way. She is able to help us understand what is needed to create the accounting structure that is important to those we are doing business with. She has the ability to show us what we need to do to show things best on our financials for funding resources. Cynthia has helped us focus on what matters to the investors and how we need to present things so the investors see us put our best foot forward.


Cynthia is by far the best CPA I’ve ever hired. She treats our financial situation like it’s her own. For over a decade we have trusted Cynthia with our business and personal finances. She consistently offers new recommendations and provides results above and beyond our expectations. From reducing our tax liability to streamlining our operations, her wealth and depth of knowledge is unsurpassed. Save yourself time, money and frustration. Call Cynthia NOW!

We have business conversations. Not accounting conversations. I am able to work with her on a conceptual basis and we come up with the best solutions. She is a puzzle person and with my background of an MBA she makes me feel I have a valid part in solving the issues of our business. She supports me in making this business work.

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